Our Approach

Naroch is committed to providing holistic customer service in order to create your product or idea, no matter what stage of development it is in. We work with customers to help them design, prototype, test, and eventually bring their product to market.

Feasibility Analysis and Consultation

As part of the services we offer to our customers, we will consult with them and let them know how their idea can become reality. This begins with an initial discussion about what the product in mind will be, what it does, and what additional features may be added later. We then analyse and process the information you give us, and consider how we can accomplish the results you seek.

From there we will provide a price quote on how much we anticipate the project to cost, including time and materials. This way you know up-front what the resource commitment of the project will be. After the quote, if you need time to consider the proposal, that's fine. We can begin the design at your discretion, whenever you are ready to start.

Hardware Design

Once you decide to go ahead with the project, we provide complete hardware design services. We can meet such criteria as size limitation, environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, as well as robustness consideration such as drop shock, water resistance or whatever you may find yourself needing your product to withstand after mutual discussion and agreement of feasibility. See our projects page to see some of the things we have done in the past.

Prototype and Test

Naroch offers full prototyping services, including hardware building, test, and debug to ensure that the product will function the way it is meant to. Sometimes products are designed and built, but afterwards it is realised that there is a feature that would add to the utility or overall ease of use of the product. Perhaps there is a design consideration that can only be worked out through real-world use and testing, such as ease of portability.

With Naroch's prototyping services, we can test the design in order to find such oversights before shipping to our customers and, in consultation with them, change the design to ensure the product is not only functional, but exemplary in every way before sending it to our customers.

Software and Firmware Development

After all the hardware design is out of the way, and the prototypes are built, it is often necessary to write firmware into the device to make it serve its purpose. For instance, it may need to respond to external input.

With plenteous experience in low-level programming, Naroch is able to write this firmware if necessary to create infinite possibilities for our customers and their products' capabilities. Having the tools and equipment necessary to program in assembler, C, and other low-level programming languages, we can develop and provide functional firmware. We don't stop there, either. We also fully test our firmware under as many circumstances as we can to make sure that it doesn't only operate under ideal circumstances, but under the extraordinary circumstances you may not even consider for it to run under. All this comes standard in our firmware development services.

As good as it is to have the firmware on the device so that it performs as it's meant to, it is often also necessary, or just plain convenient to have software to go along with products in order to change the setting or behaviour as you need to. This makes the product customizable for its end users, as well as making it much easier to change the behaviour of the product. This, too, is part of Naroch's services: Developing software for users to interact or change settings within the end product.

Housing and Packaging

Once all of the nitty-gritty design and build of the functional part of the product is complete, you're going to need something to enclose it in to keep it safe. Naroch can help you with that, too! With your consultation, we can help design and construct a housing to package and sell your product in to keep it safe and sleek for end users. Whether you need a remote to control something, or a robust casing to keep it from damage, we have the know-how to put the final practical and aesthetic touches on your product: the housing.

Regulatory Approvals

Before a product goes to market, it is often necessary to get regulatory approvals in Canada or the US. However, you may be unsure what approvals your product must get, or else you may not know just how to get them.

This is no problem if you have Naroch on your side. We know what the regulations are on electronic interference and safety that must be met by all consumer goods in Canada, as well as the know-how to get UL/CSA and FCC/DoC approvals for your products. This is also helpful in the design stages of the product, as we make sure to take these regulations into account when we design your product. We will work with the approvals lab, and modify the product if nescessary, to ensure that the product passes the required tests.

The Naroch Experience

All of these individual services come together to provide a convenient, one-stop solution to get your product from concept to reality. Naroch's integrated product design, development and testing ensure that you don't need to go shopping around to find someone to build each individual part of your product. Since we also are the ones who design and build the products, we understand exactly how they work and what their limitations are, as well as their capabilities. This intimate knowledge of the product means that we are able to design bullet-proof firmware and software to turn the product from an idea to a fully operation product that is ready for market.